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A Tribute To The Misfits - Violent World (1997)

Genre: Punk/Horror Punk

MP3 Track Sample1.She - Snapcase
MP3 Track Sample2.Astro Zombies - Pennywise
MP3 Track Sample3.20 Eyes - Shades Apart
MP3 Track Sample4.TV Casualty - Tanner
MP3 Track Sample5.Where Eagles Dare - Therapy?
MP3 Track Sample6.London Dungeon - Prong
MP3 Track Sample7.Death Comes Ripping - 108
MP3 Track Sample8.Mommy, Can I Go Out and Kill Tonight - The Bouncing Souls
MP3 Track Sample9.Ghouls Night Out - Goldfinger
MP3 Track Sample10.Horror Business - Deadguy
MP3 Track Sample11.All Hell Breaks Loose - Sick Of It All
MP3 Track Sample12.Last Caress - NOFX
MP3 Track Sample13.Earth A.D. - Earth Crisis
MP3 Track Sample14.Return of the Fly - Farside

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